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"Thank you John and Cynthia for being so kind to open your home studio especially with the school closures. We are so grateful for the beautiful Spring photos you took of our girls. We really loved how you interacted with them to get the best smiles. The convenience of being able to view the images right there and then was awesome. We were surprised with how quick you got us the images. We will definitely come back." - Prestige Preschool Parent


"I really love how you have opened up your home studio during the pandemic to still provide us parents the opportunity to have pictures taken of or kids while the schools have been closed. I appreciate the precautions you are taking and how welcoming you were with our family. We truly were thrilled with the Christmas photo session you offered for the preschool students and their families. You were very patient with us and the photos turned out great!" St. Mary's Montessori Parent


CDR PRESCHOOl Director- Mrs. Marina

Cynthia is fantastic! The students look forward to picture day and believe it or not so does the staff. The process is smooth and effortless. The packages are returned quickly and the customer service is great. Our parents are grateful the information and order forms are in both english and spanish. It's nice to have a photographer who cares about our spanish families.

NCDC Preschool Director - Olga Ruelas
SCHOOL PICS has done an amazing job for our preschool the last 7 years. they have exceeded all our expectations in creating fantastic portraits. Parents have requested School Pics to photograph practically every season, fall portraits, Halloween photos, Christmas photos, Spring portraits, and graduation.
The yearbooks are truly beautiful. They are like no other preschool books I have ever seen. This company goes beyond any others I have used before.


Testimonial from Sue Nichols – Librarian at Rosa Parks Elementary School

I have been an employee of the Corona Norco Unified School District for over 10 years and in that time I have purchased and helped create many elementary school yearbooks. For the past 5 years our school yearbook was created with the help of Cynthia Lopez School Pics by SD IMAGES. Every year the books look wonderful, in fact they have been the best elementary school yearbooks I have ever seen. Each are well organized and full of colorful photos. The layout and background pictures are fantastic. What impressed me the most about these yearbooks is how professional they looked. I was also impressed at how many of the students got to have their photographs in the yearbook more than once. The yearbooks are a perfect chronicle of our past school years and all of the fun events we had. Each yearbook will be a special memory for all of our students and something that will be treasured for many years to come.

Thank you, Sue Nichols

Testimonial- Parent

   The pride Cynthia has for the pictures she captures is remarkable!  She gives each and every child the attention they deserve in order to create the best possible photo.  My daughter has special needs, with a very short attention span.  She doesn’t have the ability to “strike a pose” like most kids, so capturing the ideal photo can be challenging.  Cynthia has both patience and persistence.  She tried, and tried, but unfortunately, my daughter was upset that day, and her picture reflected her undisguisable mood.  I had pre-paid my order and felt stuck with a package of photos that showcased my daughter’s anger.  Cynthia not only refunded my purchase price, but attempted another photo session, on a much better day.  The new photo was such an improvement, and now we are actually able to document my daughter’s very first year of middle school, which is important for any child.  Cynthia, thank you so very much! 


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