School Pics - Believes every student should have a great experience during their portrait session. The opportunity for each student to touch up their own look is a must. Our support staff will provide assistance (if needed). Combs and mirrors will be provided to ensure the best possible look.

Parents please note that our staff will never change a students look.  Our staff will offer up assistance to a student when needed.  

In the event you are not satisfied with your portraits please return the full package on make up day and we will gladly photograph your student again.  If at that time you are not satisfied please contact us and we will be happy to refund your money.



1. What is your retake policy?
   Answer:  If for any reason your are not completely satisfied with your student's portraits, simply return the full package on the day of retakes scheduled for your school. If you are not happy with your student's retakes please contact us for a full refund.

2. Who do we make checks payable to?

   Answer: Please make checks payable to School Pics.
               (Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee)

3. When will my child's portraits be delivered to the school?

   Answer: Delivery of portraits to your school is less than 4 weeks.

4. Can I reorder more prints?

   Answer: We are happy to take reorders using the reorder form you received with your package. You may call to reorder over the phone. (951) 898-8895.

5. Do you offer retouching?
     Answer: We do offer basic retouching to remove facial blemishes for $6. Be sure to mark this on your order form. 

6. My child has a bruise on his cheek can you remove it?
     Answer: We can remove bruises, scars etc.. for an additional fee. Please call our office for more info.

7. Can I make photocopies of my child's pictures?

     Answer: School Pics has a copyright policy designed to protect the images it takes. While you do purchase portraits of your child, the original image remains the property of School Pics. This original image cannot be photocopied or reproduced without the company’s expressed written consent. If you purchased your child's image on a CD you are welcome to make prints from it.

8. My order is not correct what should I do?

     Answer: If you find your order to be incorrect, Please call us and we will be happy to correct your order. (951) 898-8895
Our hours are M-F 9am-7pm.

9. I paid online but forgot to send a copy with my student on picture day, will I still receive the order?

No Worries. Our system will automatically match the online order to your student.